Childishly good cake for a kids’ birthday party – decoration for your celebration

Kids just love chocolate Mud Cake – and the stickier the better! This is partly why our Mud Cake is the perfect choice for kids’ birthday parties. If you’re planning a party, here’s a great tip! It’s not only ridiculously tasty and fun, it also only takes a moment and involves almost no work.

Childishly good Mud Cake for kids’ parties

Cake for around 8 children

What you need:

2 x Almondy Kladdkaka
5 dl whipping cream
250 g raspberries (frozen is fine)
Caramel colouring
Fruit, berries, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and/or candy

What to do:

Take the two Almondy Kladdkakas. Use one as the base. Mash the raspberries and mix with some of the whipping cream to make the filling, and spread a thick layer onto the base. Add the second Mud Cake as the top part of the sandwich. Mix the rest of the whipping cream with the caramel colouring, and cover the top of the cake. Garnish with anything and everything the kids like – candy, sprinkles, fruit and/or berries. The only limit is your imagination. Party on!