Welcome to a world filled with cake!

It’s great that you’ve found your way here, and that you want to spread happiness with cake. Of course, you already know that our cakes are perfect for any occasion! From children’s birthday parties to coffee breaks, from everyday desserts to weekend parties. In our world, everything is better with cake. Or, as we tend to say: happiness is a piece of cake. We hope that you will find your own favourite that is the perfect match for your current mood and for whomever you want to share it with. Perhaps it’ll be one of the cakes shown here below. Just click on the cake to find out more.
Enjoy the rest of the day!

Even Mondays are better with cake

If you ask us, there are no restrictions for when is the right time to enjoy an Almondy cake. They are a great way to top off a date, and add a real touch of luxury to a movie night at home. They add a slice of sunshine to your summer, make selfies less selfish, and transform overtime into your happy time. Yes, they even make Mondays better. If you are on the look-out for inspiration, top tips for decoration, or good advice for your coffee and cake break, you will find it here.

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We spread happiness every day

Happiness is a piece of cake! Spreading happiness to you and the world around us is the reason why we go to our bakery in Torslanda every day and bake, pack and dispatch cakes, it’s why we write playful texts about cakes and talk cake with you on our social media, and it’s why we do all the other fun things that we do. We hope that you will get as much pleasure from our cakes as we get every day from making them. Help yourself to a slice, and click on the button.

Turning 40 is better with cake

We have been baking cakes and sending them off to cake-lovers all around the world for 40 years. It all started back in 1982, on Aschebergsgatan in the centre of Gothenburg. Kent and Lennart were two friends who had just stumbled across an old Swedish recipe for a sensational almond cake from the 1800s. They put their aprons on and gave it a go, and the rest is, as they say, history. Read more, if you’re interested.

Our road to Conscious Cakes

Sustainability has always been important to us at Almondy. Every day, we strive to create a positive and informed culture. A place where everyone who works with us, whether directly or indirectly, shares our belief that we can make a difference by working together. In big steps, or slice by slice. One cake at a time. We call this initiative: Conscious Cakes. For more information, please see our Sustainability page.