Almondy packaging has a brand new design!

Our delicious cakes are now wearing updated threads.  As you can see a lot has been happening at our bakery in Torslanda, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden.


Although our delicious cakes are created to a traditional recipe, we’re anything but traditional – the new packaging is a reflection of us and the joy that we like to spread through our mouth-watering creations.    

Look closely at the packs and you’ll see that the cakes are now standing to attention, ready for action and ready to be enjoyed by you. We’re incredibly proud of our range and we think the packs now perfectly communicate the same pride.

In addition to new artwork, you’ll also find the range of benefits – Almondy is naturally gluten free, Halal certified and thaws in minutes – communicated much more clearly, keeping you and your loved ones in the know about all the good things we do.





Our Cakes

Our cakes are made using carefully selected ingredients and the almond bases are based on an original Swedish recipe that dates from the 1890s. We do not use artificial colorings or preservatives. Our cakes do not contain flour, which means that they are all naturally gluten-free. Below you can see the 6 different cakes that make up our current range.

Rainforest Alliance

The little green frog on the front of the packaging for a number of our cakes indicates that the cocoa beans used to produce the chocolate inside come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Rainforest Alliance is an independent environmental organisation that works to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable livelihoods for both farmers and workers.