Our mud cakes and tårtor with a delicious almond base are gluten-free. We haven’t removed, cut back on ingredients or lowered our standards in any way – least of all taste! Do you have a gluten allergy? Just look for this symbol. (insert image for gluten-free items).

What is coeliac disease and gluten intolerance?

Coeliac disease means that a person cannot tolerate gluten, a protein is found in cereals wheat, rye and barley. This protein triggers a reaction in the small intestine that damages the intestinal villi, meaning the sufferer cannot absorb nutrients from their food.

According to the charity Coeliac UK, coeliac disease affects 1 in 100 people. However only 10-15% are diagnosed.

Can it be treated?

Coeliac disease is a chronic problem and the only treatment for it is to exclude gluten from your diet. It is essential that you follow any advice carefully.

To find out more about coeliac disease, visit the Coeliac UK’s website, link needed, or contact your doctor or dietician.

The Crossed Grain symbol

We are certified according to The Swedish Coeliac Society (Celiakiförbundet) and use the Crossed Grain symbol on all our products. The licensed symbol is used in common by 38 European countries and is controlled by AOECS (Association of Coeliac Societies, AOECS). The symbol guarantees a gluten free product (less than 20 ppm).  

licenses the Crossed Grain symbol, which like text indicates that a product is guaranteed “gluten-free” or has a “very low gluten content”. In order to be able to use the symbol a certificate must be produced and an agreement signed with Celiakiförbundet. This symbol is used throughout the whole of Europe and is governed by the , the Association of European Coeliac Societies, of which Svenska Celiakiförbundet is a member.

All Almondy cakes are free from gluten and can be enjoyed by people with coeliac disease.

Almondy = gluten-free

  • Almondy's cakes fulfill the EU’s requirements for the concept “gluten-free” (less than 20 ppm).
  • We undertake regular analyses of gluten content in our cakes.
  • Almondy’s cakes are declared to be Sär-När (Livsmedel för Särskilda Näringsändamål – Foodstuffs for Specific Nutrient Purposes) by Livsmedelsverket (the Swedish National Food Agency).
  • Almondy is regularly inspected by Miljöförvaltningen (the Environment Administration) in Gothenburg.
  • Almondy cooperates with Svenska Celiakiförbundet and similar organisations in other countries, and we are licensed to use the Crossed Grain symbol, which is a registered trademark.
  • Almondy’s cakes are always labelled with the symbol for gluten-free foodstuffs.