Our history

In 2012 Almondy turned 30 years old, and were celebrated with pomp and ceremony all year long! We had plenty to celebrate – it's amazing how much our little bakery has evolved since 1982.

How it all began, 30 years ago
Just like in the world of fairytales, the tale of Almondy begins with “Once upon a time...”...two young men, named Kent and Lennart, were dreaming of building a boat and sailing around the world, when they discovered a secret Swedish recipe from 1890 for an irresistibly good almond tart that was unlike anything they had ever tasted before. This taste experience would change their lives completely. Instead of sailing, their passion became baking tarts and sharing the unique Almondy taste with many more people. And we can confirm that they succeeded in this. Today we sell tårtor in 41 countries all over the world, and these are served to around 140 million people every year. It has been, and still is, a fantastic journey, which we would love to share.

It began in just 70 square metres
Things took off immediately when Kent and Lennart started up in the little 70 m2 bakery on Aschebergsgatan in central Gothenburg. Word of the fantastically delicious almond tårtor soon spread. Just one year after starting up, the company had outgrown its premises. Spacious 800 m2 premises in Kungsten were the answer.

Five years later it's time for export
By 1985 Mandelbageriet's tårtor were available throughout Sweden through several large restaurant wholesalers.
It was now time for the next adventure – exporting our tårtor! Kent packed his car full of tårtor and went on a tour of neighbouring Norway, which became our first export customer. Just one year later, exports began to Germany
as well, soon to be followed by countries such as Austria and the UK.

We need more room
The company was doing well. Larger premises were needed to continue to expand, and in 1989 the decision was taken to build a proper “tårta factory” at Hisingen outside Gothenburg. The investment was around £3 million, a great deal for a company with a turnover of just under £2 million. There were numerous people who raised their eyebrows and predicted future problems prior to this development. But it was a necessary step! The newly-built, fully-automated “tårta factory” went into operation in the autumn of 1991. Mandelbageriet now had 12 employees and a maximum capacity of 12,000 tårtor a day.

Sales company in Germany
Germany became one of the bakery's most important markets in the mid-1990s, and with local representation the company would continue to grow. A sales company was set up in Hamburg, and today six people work at the German office.

IKEA becomes new customer
At the beginning of 1998 a partnership with IKEA was launched.

Mandelbageriet becomes Almondy
In the year 2000, the time had come to retire Mandel-bageriet. Exports had long been flourishing and yes, perhaps Mandelbageriet is not that easy to pronounce for non-Swedish-speakers. Mandelbageriet’s classic tårtor were now gathered under a slightly more international trademark, Almondy, and were also given new packaging.

Our new bestseller, the DAIM tårta
Having entered into an agreement with Kraft Foods, owner of the well-known and popular DAIM brand, Almondy launched its fourth tårta in 2001, Almondy DAIM. This is a unique product combining the magical flavours that characterise both DAIM and our classic almond tårta. Just like all our other tårtor, it is baked using no preservatives or colourings and is also gluten-free. Almondy DAIM topped sales of frozen tårtor in Sweden in 2002.

Time for a new look
At the end of 2002 the packaging got a new look. It gained a slightly more uniform and more modern design, and the logo was now red.

We need more room – again!
The bakery was growing like mad. Since moving into the “tårta factory” in Arendal we had extended and enlarged, more and more each year. But we had now extended to the boundary of the site and had no more room. On 15 January 2004, a new building project began. This time at the old Torslanda airfield, where a new 8,300 m2 bakery was to be built. Once fully operational, the new bakery would be able to produce 150,000 tårtor per day. The company moved in in April 2005.

Innovation is part of our strategy for growth
First on the innovation agenda for 2006 were two irresistible cheesecakes, and since then we have launched at least one new tårta every year, everything from Crème Brûlée to Almondy almond tårta topped with pieces of Toblerone. We can promise that there will be more irresistible new products sooner than you can imagine.

Record after record
Between 2000 and 2011, turnover increased sevenfold, from £5.4 million to £44 million. In other words, things are going well for the “little” bakery in Gothenburg.

Almondy today
The bakery employs just over 100 people with a passion for baking all kinds of irresistible, delicious cakes and tårtor. We’re constantly striving to find new, innovative recipes and we promise that you won’t need to wait long before discovering and tasting more of our new, exciting and always incredibly yummy desserts!